Services We Offer

Core Services

We offer a wide range of services that we tailor to fit your business needs.

Drop-Off Container Programs

Our container program is the perfect solution for towns, businesses or organizations that frequently turn over large amounts of electronics throughout the entire year.

Electronics Recycling Pick-Up Service

Our E-waste Pick-Up Service is the perfect solution for towns or businesses that recycle their electronics in large quantities several times a year.

Electronics Recycling Collection Events

R2 Recycling provides everything that you need to run an event. We will bring the trucks, equipment and man-power you require. R2 Recycling really makes hosting a collection event an incredibly easy and fun experience for everyone involved while helping to encourage residents, employees, and friends to properly recycle their used electronics.

Electronics Recycling Drop-Off

Getting rid of your old e-waste is easy! Simply pack your old computer and electronic equipment into your vechicle and drop it off at R2 Recycling

Secure Data Destruction

R2 Recycling state of the art facility is a gated facility equipped with alarm systems, keycard access, security personnel, and an extensive security camera system to protect your material and data.

Our QuickPaq Program

Battery Recycling

R2 Recycling QuickPaq program was designed as a quick and simple pre-paid battery program for customers to properly manage, store and ship their batteries to R2 Recycling for processing.

Lamp and Ballast Recycling

Chances are that your business uses fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. These lamps contain mercury that can be harmful to the environment when improperly managed. This is why your company should participate in lamp recycling.

Is your business ready to dispose of end-of-life computer systems?

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