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Your Single Source Solution for Computer & Electronic Recycling

Protecting Our Clients and the Environment


With access to a fleet of dependable trucks and trailers we can efficiently service customers throughout the United States.


R2 Recycling carries all necessary licensing and permits.

Data Security

All hard drives and other media will be wiped clean and/or physically destroyed to ensure data security.


We have the capabilities to recycle your outdated IT equipment and assist you with a convenient container or pick up service.

Some of the Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of services that we tailor to fit your business needs. 

Drop-Off Container Programs

Our container program is the perfect solution for towns, businesses or organizations that frequently turn over large amounts of electronics throughout the entire year.

Electronics Recycling Pick Up Service

Our E-waste Pick Up Service is the perfect solution for towns or businesses that recycle their electronics in large quantities several times a year.

Electronics Recycling Collection Events

We will bring the trucks, equipment and man-power you require. R2 Recycling really makes hosting a collection event an incredibly easy and fun experience for everyone involved while helping to encourage residents, employees, and friends to properly recycle their used electronics.

Your solution for recycling all of your outdated equipment.

Based in Lakewood, NJ

R2 Recycling provides recycling solutions that companies, towns, government entities, schools and businesses are looking for. Your business can’t afford to compromise critical data when replacing computer systems.

Our computer recycling specialists will ensure that you receive secure data destruction and your old systems and monitors are properly recycled.

General Questions

Our facility is gated and equipped with alarm systems, keycard access, security personnel, and an extensive security camera system to protect your materials and data.

For “live load” pickups we offer “no hassle” service because our crews do all the work. We remove and pack your equipment on pallets that we supply; allowing your staff to stay focused on your company’s core business.

Yes, we provide fast estimates with the click of a quote button or a simple phone call.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Lakewood, New Jersey. Our electronic waste recycling facility allows us to process millions of pounds of electronic waste yearly.

With access to a fleet of reliable trucks & trailers, R2 Recycling is capable of servicing clients nationwide.

Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system that enables our logistics coordinator to track the truck at all times.

We will recycle any equipment with a plug or battery such as laptops, desktops, servers, printers, monitors, televisions, cell phones, networking equipment, keyboards, mice, batteries, wires and cables, etc.

Our Company

With more than 20 years of experience in the electronics and computer recycling industry, R2 Recycling provides world-class professionalism and service.

Our services range from electronics recycling, computer recycling and disposal to IT asset management.  We are a full service recycler. We stay informed of the latest standards and technology.

Is your business ready to dispose of end-of-life computer systems?

We Can Help.