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Technology moves at a fast pace nowadays. To meet the demands of modern life, electronic equipment is continually upgraded and replaced. For both businesses, constantly replacing computers and other technology products can lead to a build-up of unused electronic devices taking up valuable space at your offices. Having all of this unused tech lying around can become a significant problem. You may be concerned about data stored on your retired electronic equipment being stolen or compromised. But, at R2 Recycling, we can help take care of this problem.

Electronic Recycling in New Albany PA

New Albany PA  has stringent regulations concerning the disposal of electronic waste, aka e-waste. Electronic waste can become an environmental issue without proper disposal, so responsibly handling e-waste is vital. When electronic waste is not disposed of correctly, it often ends up in landfills and could leak toxic substances, such as mercury and lead, into the surrounding environment.

Responsibly recycling electronic waste generated by businesses and organizations across the United States is the only way to prevent this equipment from ending up in landfills and the potential harm it could cause to the environment.

What is Considered Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste includes more than simply computers. Electronic waste covers a range of devices, and R2 Recycling can help you dispose of them in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. Here are just some of the electronic devices we can responsibly recycle for your organization:

How R2 Recycling can Help Your Business:

Computer Recycling New Albany PA

When you are looking for electronic recycling near me New Albany PA, R2 Recycling is ready and waiting to help whether you are in New Albany PA or elsewhere in the United States.

Experienced Recycling Electronics Service

We have been responsibly recycling e-waste for exceeding 20 years, so we have the knowledge and experience needed to provide a service you can depend on.

Full-Service Recycling Company

As we are a full-service recycling company, we can take care of all your electronic recycling needs. Whether you need to dispose of old telecommunications systems or securely dispose of a server, we can take care of it on your behalf.

Licensed Recycling Company

When choosing an electronic waste recycling company, you craving to know they can be relied on to handle your waste responsibly and correctly. It is indispensable to ensure that the recycling company you pick is endorsed to carry out this crucial task. At R2 Recycling, you can depend on us to recycle your end-of-life electrical equipment and ensure it is disposed of safely and securely. R2 Recycling prides itself upon having both the experience and vital permits and licenses for the exact disposal of e-waste.

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